Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 Perfect Snacks to Munch on During Your Workday

After a little research, I found the 5 perfect snacks for you to munch on during the workday, and to get you going. Because who doesn't get hungry while sitting at their desk all day? It’s inevitable. So you might as well be a little prepared! But these snacks, over other unhealthier snacks like chips and candy, will keep you alert and feeling great.

1)Hard – Boiled Eggs
Rich in protein and will help raise your energy level to get you going!

2)String Cheese
Tasty and easy to eat while you’re at work.

3)Yogurt or Cottage Cheese
Something about yogurt or cottage cheese is very filling, and its also good for you! You can get little to-go cups of either of these at the grocery store.

4)Animal Crackers
These little crackers are the solution to your sweet tooth, and are lower in calories than most other treats.

5)Mixed Nuts
Cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or all of them! Throw in some dried fruit and raisins to add a little something extra, and this can be munched on all day.

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  1. Or, how 'bout baby carrots. When I was working as a programmer at UUNet, surrounded by big CRT screens, my eyes started to go bad. So, I made a habit of packing a bag of baby carrots from Fresh Fields that I could munch on at work all day. Eyesight improved back to normal, and it's way better for you than Oreos! :)