Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Get @BreakingNews via Twitter!

I recently discovered a Twitter account that discloses breaking news! I figured there must be something out there in the social media world similar to this but hadn’t discovered it until earlier today, and it’s definitely a tweeter I’ll be following.

I think this is very convenient, especially because nowadays with all the iPhones and SmartPhones that have been released and now are in the hands of pretty much every businessman or woman around the world, along with many other people, this news is easily available to people wherever they are.

News tidbits are simply tweeted by @BreakingNews and are available to any of their 860,357 followers.

Here is a recent tweet from @BreakingNews earlier today:

“Chris Brown, in a video on his official website, has for the first time publicly apologized for beating singer Rihanna in February.”

about 22 hours ago, from BNO Headquarters

This really contributes to the evolution of social/new media versus old media.

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