Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are you effectively controlling attention to attract new clients?

These days the internet is fast becoming the one and only source for researching companies that potential clients use. If you think having a website and possibly even a blog is enough these days to attract new clients and sales, then I will ask you to think about this.

If someone finds out about you or your company via a business card you handed out or a postcard campaign or a referral from a friend or by whatever means and then research you on Google, what turns up? What are the results? Do you feel you are effectively representing the image and reputation you are going after? Are you controlling the search results to guarantee that your new reach gets the data they need to make a decision?

Here is the thing, nowadays it is vital to gain massive attention online to attract the clients you are looking for and turn reaches into sales. The way to do that is to control attention online by controlling every search result on Google to show what you want and to have enough good information that clearly states and defines who you are that you actually get business from the internet.

PR is the step behind marketing, advertising and promotion, you MUST do this before you do anything else otherwise you may as well throw your marketing dollars out the window.

Create a standard Web PR campaign that cleanly reflects who you are, what you do and creates a large enough reach to make an impact. You CAN use the internet as a very successful strategy to drive in sales, you just need to have the correct strategy.

Create attention, attract new clients and increase business.

Robert Cornish
Managing Director
Richter10.2 Media Group

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