Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Web PR, Really?

These days, it seems that most people are aware that the internet can be at the very least an excellent tool to facilitate communication. It is also true that most business people do recognize that a strong presence online could affect their bottom line.

However, it is still only the truly savvy entrepreneurs and companies that actually push through the barrier of the sheer enormity of the internet and translate those suspicions into actual business created.

What is the difference between these people and those who don’t make it?

Well, to use the analogy of the internet as a sea of ideas and websites, the classic cliche of “sink or swim” can be brutally applicable. Hence, today we see an enormous industry of SEO companies and specialists who endeavor to keep their clients afloat at the top of search rankings using whatever flotation devices will do.

The obvious problem with this, however, is that if you were to follow the above analogue through completely, your website is in fact not a swimmer but just another drop of water; just one more page in that ocean.

Don’t get me wrong here, SEO is fine and a valuable service, for a start. But let me ask you, as a consumer are you that impressed by a top-ranked site on google when the rest of the first page is either completely unrelated, full of competitors or even derogatory of your company?

I thought not.

Well, what’s the solution, then?

It comes down to a frame of mind, really. Are you going to try and get along in the ocean, hoping not to be driven under? Or are you going to make waves?

All cute analogies aside, you can approach your marketing online and indeed any problem in business with either the attitude of making something happen, or hoping someone else will. You can either go out and cause that lead to come in, or that sale to be made, or you can whistle in the dark. Frankly, the latter only and inevitably leads straight down the chute.

How then do you create waves online? You create a well-optimized, easy to use website as your starting point. Then where?

Well, have you ever used a social networking site? Have you ever watched a video on youtube? Did you know that of the top 10 most frequented sites on the planet, 4 of them are social networking and video sites? How about taking the enormous power of all of the biggest and best of those sites and presenting your company and its branding over and over and over again to networks created solely for that purpose?

There are entire online public relations companies that survive on posting blogs, and others that only do online press releases. At Richter10.2, we give you blogs, article submission, social bookmarking, social profiles, professional videos and let’s not forget the kitchen sink until literally all of the best ways to get the word out about your company online are not only covered, but slammed home.

Then, next month, we do it all over again.

What is the end result?

A great first impression whenever someone enters your company into a search engine, a growing and interested audience to your message online, contacts made, business done and as a result, a positively affected bottom line.

In other words, waves.

Spencer Barnes
Director of Delivery
Richter10.2 Media Group

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